How To Create And Protect Your Apple ID

How To Create And Protect Your Apple ID

The ID of Apple is that account linked to all your Apple devices and that allows you, among other things, to buy an application in the App Store, log in to iCloud, send an iMessage or make a video call with FaceTime.

It is, therefore, necessary to have an Apple ID. In this article, we will explain in detail how to create an account, as well as how to change the email or password linked to it, how to reset it and how to eliminate it forever.

How To Create And Protect Your Apple ID

On the other hand, Apple users will have noticed that Apple sometimes automatically disables this Apple ID as a precaution. Learn to regain control of your account when it has been blocked or deactivated.

How To Create An Apple ID Account

Although you can use any Apple device without an Apple ID account, there is no doubt that you will not be able to fully exploit its full potential without one of them. It is very easy to create an account and do it securely to prevent it from being hacked.

You can create an Apple ID when you set up a new device or simply by visiting the official page of this Apple company service. You will not need to link any device with it so that everyone can do it.

All you will need is an email address that has not been previously used by another Apple ID and to which you have access – you must confirm your account – as well as a password and certain personal information.

These are the steps you should follow

two factor authentication for appleid

1. Go to the official Apple ID website and click on the ‘ Create your Apple ID ‘ option that you will see at the top of your screen.
2. Now, you must enter your name and surname, your country, your birth date, the email with which you want to associate your Apple ID and your new password, which must be 8 characters or more, numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters.
3. For security reasons, you must choose three questions and their answers that will be used to verify your identity and recover the password in case you forget it.
These questions and answers will be used when you want to log in to your Apple ID account. On the other hand, you should know that you can change them at any time.

4. Then you can choose to receive or not recommendations, special offers and other emails from Apple. Then, solve the captcha and hit the blue ‘ Continue ‘ button.
5. Finally, you must verify your email by entering the verification code that Apple will have sent to the address you gave in step 2. Click on ‘ Continue ‘.

How To Protect Your Apple ID With the Two-Step Verification System:

As an additional step, we recommend giving an additional layer of security to your Apple ID with the verification system in two steps, so you can only log in to trusted devices or with the authorization of one of them.
1. On the home page of your Apple ID account, and in the ‘ Security ‘ section, locate the ‘ Two-step verification ‘ option and click on the ‘ Start ‘ button that you will see below it.
2. After reading Apple’s description of this system, click ‘ Continue ‘ and enter your trusted phone number. When you have received the verification code, enter it on the new page and click on ‘ Continue ‘ again.
If you have more than one Apple device, you will be interested in checking them all on the new page. These should leave you automatically listed.
3. Apple will give you your recovery key, which we recommend to always have on hand in case you ever forget your password. Click on ‘ Continue ‘ and enter the recovery key that you just received. Finally, click onĀ  ‘ Confirm’.
4. Before finishing, you should read the following page carefully, check the box ‘I understand these conditions ‘ and click on the button ‘ Activate the verification in two steps ‘.
5. You will already have activated the verification system in two steps.

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