Best Websites to Watch Free Movies Online

Best Sites To Watch Movies Online

Are you lover movie and want to watch free movies streaming ? Well, you’re in luck because in Demi does, we have created the most complete list possible in which the best pages appear with which to watch all online movies in free streaming. The truth is that we have consulted and tried many of the sites on the Internet but we have been able to summarize it in a list in which only the pages with the best quality appear.

Best Websites to Watch Free Movies Online

If you want to be able to watch movies on the Internet without being hung up in the middle, this is the list you need, since all the suggestions we make to you have been tested by our technicians and our most demographic moviegoers, so that you will be able to see movies online for  without registering and without having to pay anything since they are 100% Free pages.

Along with the best Internet sites, we will also leave you the best free Android applications where you can watch movies online for free through your mobile device or tablet.

Sites To Watch Movies Online HD In Streaming

In the first section of everything, we want to talk about the legal websites where we can watch online movies in HD in streaming. These sites are 100% legal and we will not have any legal problem since we pay a small fee per month and in exchange, we have at our disposal a huge catalog of films :


Netflix is the most famous platform currently in terms of streaming service to watch movies on any device ( mobile, tablet and/or PC ) that has Internet access. The service offers several plans that vary depending on the number of devices connected at the same time. The best thing is that you can try a free month and there are even tricks to see Netflix for free.

Amazon Prime Video

Finally, we want to talk about Amazon Prime Video that also has a good number of online movies in streaming but maybe it is somewhat less competitive than the previous ones, but not for that reason, less recommendable. The price of the service is completely free for users who have an Amazon Prime account.


123movies is another of the pages that we want to recommend in this top 5 that is also one of the best and the best work if you are looking for free pages to watch movies online. In it, you can not only find the movie you want to see, but also its library is full of all the series of the moment and of varied countries (the USA, Chinese or Korean for example), so it is 100% recommended.

When entering 123movies we will give a menu at the top that offers three options to choose from: Movies, TV series and programs, as well as the trends in movies at that time and we,  will also see how we can enter a list with the different films classified based on the user’s rating, among many other options

What does 123movies offer?

  • Movies, online series and TV shows.
  • Section with all upcoming releases.
  • Contents in VOSE or Original Version.
  • Section of movies with adult content.
  • Section of movies and series best valued by its users.
  • Classification by types of film genres.
  • Section of movies and series recommended by 123movies.
  • Classification of the film according to the year of release.


We start with this page, ideal for those of you who want to see the films in English. This is MoviesPlanet which is a web to watch free online movies in HD, which is really easy to use and highly reliable, which does not usually hang. This is undoubtedly one of the best pages to watch movies.

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