How To Format A Laptop PC By Steps

How To Format A Laptop PC By Steps

This TUTORIAL will show you the steps to format a computer, PC or laptop, we designed it so that anyone, even without computer skills, can format and install the Windows Operating System you want on your computer.

Steps to format laptop PC

We will explain step by step so that you can obtain a clean PC format, without programs, viruses or spyware that may decrease the resources of your computer as this will affect the speed of your computer.

TOOLS To Format a PC or Laptop Computer:

1.- External hard disk or USB memory (for backup of information)
2.- Disk of the Operating System that will be installed.

IMPORTANT TIPS before formatting a PC or Laptop

Before starting with formatting there are certain points of which you must be very aware, for example:

1.- Know the resources of your PC, each Operating System has minimum requirements to install, knowing them will tell you if your computer has enough to make a change or system update.

2.- Download the drivers or drivers that your PC needs, if it is a branded PC, it will be enough to go to the official website of the manufacturer, go to the Support / Downloads section and search for your PC and OS model that you are going to install. Sometimes Windows does not recognize the Ethernet port or the wireless network adapter (WiFi), so you would not have the internet to download. I recommend downloading the Audio, Video, Ethernet and WiFi drivers, these could avoid many problems.

3.- If you do not have an OS installation disk or your PC does not have a CD player, you can create a USB Bootable, to learn how to do it first. DOWNLOAD Windows for free and then follow this TUTORIAL TO MAKE A USB BOOTABLE.

Steps To Format A Computer

STARTING WITH FORMAT. In this tutorial, we will see how to format a PC with Windows 7, and it is valid for any other windows version. If you are going to support documents this interests you because many times we do not know which folders are the ones that contain valuable material and we do not have a lot of time to go through folder by folder. What you should do is:

  • Open My Computer or Computer and double-click on your disk C: \
  • The Users folder contains the subfolders of My Documents, My Pictures, Videos, Desktop, etc. Make sure to copy it completely, there are also your Downloads. EYE … if there is more than one user session created on the PC, it will probably tell you that you do not have permission to copy certain files, if so you will have to enter the other sessions and backup your files in each one.
  • Check the Program Files folder, maybe there’s something you’re interested in supporting.

Insert the bootable CD or USB with the Operating System that you are going to install and turn off your PC.

Turn on the PC and enter the BOOT MENU, the key to access can vary between PCs but the most common are: F1, F2, F8, F9, F10, F11 and F12. Just when switching on, it usually appears which of the keys you must press, it lasts a couple of seconds so pay attention.

Choose between your CD drive or your USB Slot where the System is for Windows to start from there.

Now Windows will load the installation files and will guide you through a series of steps and processes to configure your “NEW PC”

We are going to format the hard disk, for this we will have a screen with 2 options, we will click on Custom (advanced).

It will open a screen that will list the installed Hard Drives or the partitions in case you have a Hard Disk partitioned. Do you want to know more about partitions?

I recommend that you select the discs one by one and DELETE each disc, with this we will have a totally clean System installation and no old files.

There will be only one Hard Disk on the list, this is because we eliminate all the partitions, we select the only element that we have left and we give it NEW.

It will show a box that says SIZE, leave it as is and click on APPLY.

We will see a warning message, click on ACCEPT and now you will see that you have 2 partitions again.
Select the largest partition and click NEXT. Start a process that will restart your computer a couple of times, it is normal.

Since it ends with those processes, the configuration windows come. Select your correct country, region and keyboard layout.

Here you have finished with the formatting and installation of windows and you have already learned so if you ask how to format my laptop or how to format my PC, now you have all the available elements, finally only install drivers, programs and put your previously backed documents.