One of the most famous strategies today, the Martingale strategy, was first applied in the distant 18th century in France. It is curious that initially this strategy was developed for the prototype of the game “Heads-Tails”. So, when the coin falls heads, the player wins, when the heads fall out – accordingly, he is defeated.

Today the Martingale strategy has been adapted for classic roulette and, in theory, if you have a big enough bankroll and can afford to risk them, it is impossible to lose. In theory. The bottom line is very simple – you have to double your own bet every time you lose, until the first win – it is this bet that will actually bring you profit.

Be vigilant – a long “black streak”, when you are confidently unlucky, with an insufficient bankroll, leads to the fact that you drain all your money. However, today Martingale remains quite effective – using it, players can, adhering to simple rules, win very substantial funds. But here’s the bad luck – not only you know about Martingale, but also the administrators of gambling establishments, so there is no reason to hope that such a loophole has been left for the players. It’s all about the betting limits that are set by gambling establishments.

How It Works?

So, let’s take a $ 1 bet as an example. You bet this money on any color – red or black. In case of falling out of this color, you get a win of 1 USD. Accordingly, it is easy to calculate that your chances of winning are 1 to 1.

Next, you place a bet of $ 1 on the same color, and if you win again, keep betting until you win. When the roulette wheel does not play in your favor, you accordingly lose a dollar, but the next bet will increase to $ 2.

Perhaps, luck did not smile on you this time too, and you double the lost money and bet 4 USD. Accordingly, with a new loss, you double up to $ 8 and play in such a progression until you win. When you win, you get all your money back and get a profit – the initial $ 1. It is strongly not recommended to bet more than 5 cu. as an initial bet, as there is a risk of running out of bankroll. Then you play this strategy again.

Be carefull! In modern gambling establishments, both online and offline, there is an upper limit for bets. Suppose, upon reaching the rate of $ 20, in case of a loss, you will not be able to increase the rate and, accordingly, in this case, you remain in complete loss without the opportunity to return. Check the betting limit before using the Martingale system in advance.

Martingale system is the most popular and simplest betting system in casinos

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