Tournament rules imply that all players have an equal amount of credits received at the start.

There are several options for choosing a rate. One of the easiest is to simply place the same bet as your competitors. However, this method is suitable only in the very early stages of the game, for the reason that over time the number of credits for all players will change, which means that it will not be possible to copy their bets either.

That is why a very good solution can be a bet based on the time of the tournament, as well as the number of credits at the start. To calculate the rate, you can use the following formula:

Based on this formula, we can say that if a player has 20,000 credits at the start of the tournament, and the tournament time is 15 minutes, then 111 credits are obtained per turn.

Of course, any game will bring with it payments, so if there are enough of them, the rate can be increased. It should be borne in mind that rivals will risk the greater, the greater the one-time winnings the player has. And as you know, risk does not always lead to better results, often the result is the opposite.

Of course, bets can be made intuitively, a considerable number of players use this approach. However, intuitive bets cannot be driven into the framework of any betting Indonesia strategy, so there is no point in considering intuitive bets in the context of this article.

To beat or not to beat

Often, when playing in tournaments, a moment arises when the question arises – to double the rate or not? This opportunity is available for any slot machine. At the same time, for all gaming slots, the maximum doubling is 5. Based on the fact that doubling means doubling it turns out that with 5 successful doublings it is possible to increase the initial payment by 32 times. The chances of getting successful doublings decrease each time, and look like this: 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32. Therefore, in order to achieve an interruption of the amount of 3000 credits with the initial 100 credits, it is required to make 5 successful doublings, and the probability of this is very small.

There are several layouts in which an attempt to achieve doubling is the most reasonable:

  • The payout amount is not enough to get ahead of the current leader.
  • In such a situation, it is important to take into account how much time is left until the end of the tournament, the number of current credits, and also how many doublings are required in order to get ahead of the leader. Usually, if there are a lot of loans, and time is already running out, then it makes sense to take risks and try to achieve doubling.
  • The player is the leader at the moment, he receives a payout that is slightly less than the best result shown to him.

This case can be used to strengthen your own leadership by trying to achieve doubling. If this happens, then the opponents will have to raise the rates, which also plays into the hands of the player.

Remaining questions

The third course of action is highly controversial. Its meaning is that the player must suspend the game in a breakout. This will allow the player to start saving their own credits, since now he will play depending on the results of his rivals. If any opponent can achieve a better result, then you can try to answer him with a doubling attempt. But in this situation there are also risks, the most obvious is that the opponent may receive a bonus, the amount of which will significantly exceed the size of the payment. Therefore, in order to beat this bonus, the player will need more than one doubling for several.

All this can lead to the fact that the player is only a few credits ahead. At this time, very little may remain, and the number of credits will be such that even the maxbet will not pass due to lack of time. That is why this option is very risky. Of course, you can try to rush after your opponent in the last seconds of the tournament, trying to double all the played combinations. But there is a great risk that there may simply not be enough time to implement this plan.

Which of the options above to choose is up to you, of course, however, you should take into account that at the tournaments of “Victoria Cherry” you simply cannot do without luck.

Choosing A Strategy For A Slot Tournament

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